Двойной скорпион пасьянс играть онлайн

Двойной скорпион пасьянс играть онлайн

Form eight sets of cards of the same suit from King to Ace within the Columns.

Using two decks, cards are dealt to 10 Columns. The first 4 Columns are dealt 11 cards each, and the remaining Columns are dealt 10 cards each. Unlike single-deck Scorpion, all cards are dealt out initially.

In each of the first 5 Columns, 5 cards will be face down — the Scorpion’s tail.

Columns are built DOWN in the SAME SUIT. For example, a 6 of clubs may only be placed onto a 7 of clubs.

Any number of face up cards may be moved whether in sequence or not provided the above build rule is applied.

When a face down card is the topmost card in a Column, it is flipped face up.

Empty Columns may be filled with Kings.

The goal is to build 8 sets of cards within the layout from King down to Ace in the same suit. One point is scored for each card built within a Column starting with a King. For example, if a Column has a K, Q, and J of the same suit in sequence then three points are scored for that combination.

Unlike Single-deck Scorpion, all cards are dealt out during the initial deal so that there is no Stock in Double Scorpion.

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